Total Productive Maintenance Software Tool

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The TPM tool is designed to prevent the occurrence of stoppage losses. Its purpose is to maximise the efficiency of the production system in an overall manner. TPM implementation is not a goal, it’s meant to be executed as a means of attaining corporate targets. To meet these objective targets, the importance of data cannot be emphasized enough.

Our TPM tool will help you achieve these targets with multiple benefits:

  • Monitor processes effectively.
  • Easy accessibility for reports & statuses at any time.
  • Efficient alert system – all necessary alerts automatically sent by email or SMS.
  • Transparent accounting of all transactions of the TPM software allowing ease of analysis and evaluation..
  • Customizable permissions – System menu and data access can be controlled and restricted by configuring who should have what kind of access without programmer intervention.
  • Customer friendly – Easy to use; even by junior and less skilled employees.
  • Multi company and multi-location capable.
  • Pre-installed industry standard best practises and seed data such as departments, designations, tasks, activities, etc.
  • Accessibility – System can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time from any platform (mobile, tablet, computer).
  • Secure – Free from data theft and virus attacks.
  • System can deliver reports at pre-determined times using CRON job like features reducing managements’ dependency on staff to get reports punctually.

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