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smart RED – Simple, Yet Powerful! Robust ERP software Product for all Real Estate Developers across the country.

Real estate developers, both corporate and commercial, have distinct business necessities. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool provides revolutionary solutions that increase flexibility, productivity and business reporting. In the real estate industry, the ERP software can be a one-stop shop like component in the management of different departments like accounting, compliance, supply chain, site execution, etc. A well designed and properly implemented ERP can drastically improve the workflows of your organization – reducing or eliminating repetitive manual processes, giving timely and accurate access to information across the business – allowing you to make better business decisions and improving your business operations.

SmartRED is designed around your specific business requirements and delivers a solution that will provide you the most value.

Benefits #1 of smart RED: Easy Accessibility; Data Accessible anytime, anywhere

The rapid shift towards the adoption and usage of mobile technologies is increasingly empowering societies and organizations with the capacity to work remotely effectively. The modern way of working that is enabled by these technological advancements is constantly being redefined in terms of greater access, anywhere and anytime.
smartRed provides you with real-time access to all on-the-go operations data in field services.

Benefits #2 of smartRED: Streamlined Process; Time-saving and cost-saving

The real estate industry, like many others, is now more than ever integrated with a wide array of consumers, industries, and the national + world economy. Companies are seeing an increasing trend of informed decision-making around specific strategic initiatives, like mergers & acquisitions and marketability, to name a few. These decisions are fueled by data and presently, in many organizations, data management is still a pain-point due to legacy databases (e.g. Excel, hard copies). Not having access to all and at times the right information can hamper strategic decision making.
smartRED, available across all your devices (computers, phones, tablets), facilitates 24/7 access to all your data, enabling you to make those informed decisions on time.

Benefits #3 of smartRed: Cloud-based solution

Cloud-based ERP systems are accessible from virtually any internet-connected device, giving your business a competitive advantage of being connected, always and anywhere. Innovative technologies like AI and Machine Learning methods can also be implemented within such solutions to simplify and automate the life cycles of operational workflows.

Benefits #4 of smartRed: Combined Accessible Information

With the help of smartRed, your organization can benefit from the amalgamation of core functions across different departments like sales, accounting, site execution, etc.

smartRED organizes all your core processes into a single, intuitive, and easy-to-use framework.

Benefits #5 of smartRed: Protected Data

smartRed integrates all departments of your business and helps maintain the data with the highest standards of safety, ensuring you have real-time access to all your data without any worries.

Benefits #6 of smartRed: Absolute Control Over Business

The challenge of having numerous siloed departments within a business is something we’ve accepted as a pain point for far too long. Each department has its own processes for record maintenance and data tracking, making any kind of cross-department analysis difficult, tedious, and prone to error.

smartRed unifies all departments back into one business, enabling management to have unmistaken and absolute surveillance of the business. Executives no longer need to wait for reports and summaries from various departments, as they will be able to access business reporting and operational data of any aspect of the company, anywhere, and anytime.

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