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With increasing dependency between products and services and, the market is witnessing a surge in industry-specific platforms and ecosystems. A platform is a set of software and a surrounding ecosystem of resources that helps in business growth.
Deven InfoTech Product & Platform services engage developers and users in high-value exchanges, and aid customers achieve transformational outcomes. The product and platform services include a technology stack for the product lifecycle, leading to increased innovation levels and revenue generation.
The Platform as a Service (PaaS) is evolving fast. Access Deven InfoTech’s a cloud-based service for solutions that help speed up business processes and minimize costs. We offer a complete development framework for PaaS.


  • Pragmatic and increasingly popular, product and platform integration provides monitoring the product remotely and apply predictive analytics to the captured data to identify and address problems.
  • Enabled by IoT, sensor technology, data analytics, personal mobile devices and cloud computing, a platform helps eliminate the expense and complexity of purchasing, configuring, and managing the hardware and software.
  • Platform business models grow faster, the growth does not depend upon resources or capital.
  • Platforms that become a one-stop-shop for user’s day-to-day processes by creating create centralized location for the tools and applications.
  • Allows businesses to scale and modify their product or processes easily and efficiently.
  • A platform for one application can be deployed across multiple channels, including a range of connected devices, is a fast and cost-effective approach

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