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In the age of disruptive technological advancement, it is important that the innovation, outlook, and on-demand availability of resources in your organization are digitalized first and then integrated on a connected platform, and driven towards Industry 4.0. Deven Industrial Solutions Customizer, popularly known as DiSC, is one of the most widely recognized ERP frameworks in the Indian industry and used worldwide.

The DiSC framework is a smarter choice for your business and has evolved over time, offering a capacity to build strong business solution packages and ERPs as per industry needs. It integrates various modules of business processes, optimized exclusively for diversified industrial and economic conditions. The enterprise solutions, backed by the latest technologies, are best suited for Small and Medium enterprises, the SME.

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    DiSC: An effective and time-tested Resource Tool

    DiSC, a virtual framework, is comprised of multiple reusable components utilized to build any new enterprise application for your organizational processes. The same can be customized into different modules as per the requirement of your business. It assists the user to systematize and sustain a streamlined workflow.

    DiSC: One Framework, Multiple Businesses

    The DiSC can simultaneously support multiple businesses and manage various functions like inventory, suppliers, customers, employees, quality, processes, task management, maintenance, etc. and create top-class business intelligence dashboards and MIS.

    DiSC on Cloud: Work from Anywhere:

    All of DiSC’s solutions are developed on the cloud and are offered in the ‘Software as A Service (SaaS) model, allowing you to work from anywhere, minimize overhead and infrastructure costs and increase productivity.

    Industry Applications of DiSC:

    The framework of DiSC is developed keeping in mind the range of simple and complex processes followed by diversified industries. The DiSC has been successfully implemented globally across a wide range of industries.

    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Healthcare
    • Information And Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Machine Tools

    Get DiSC for your Enterprise

    The DiSC can be used as a complete package and as a scalable solution starting with your bare minimum requirement and subsequently add an individual module or clubbed services.

    Modules under DiSC Framework

    • Customer Relation Management – CRM
    • HRMS / ERM with Payroll
    • Daily Work Management – DWM
    • Total Productive Maintenance – TPM
    • Invoice Management
    • Compliance Management
    • Stock and Inventory Management
    • IT Administration
    • Quality Management
    • Production Planning
    • Logistics Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Machine Maintenance
    • Customer Service
    • Document Management
    • Management Information System – MIS
    • New Product Development
    • Inquiry & Quotation Management
    • Business Intelligence Dashboarding

    How can DiSC automate and improve your productivity?

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Customer Relationship Management is a repository of customer data received through various channels allowing you to utilize it for strategic, operational, analytical, or collaborative purposes.

    CRM in today’s market environment is the key to business growth.

    A definitive comprehension of how to manage relationships with customers effectively has been an important topic for both academicians and practitioners in recent years. Customer  Relationship  Management  (CRM)  is a  widely implemented model for managing a  company’s interactions with customers,  clients,  and sales prospects.  Deven InfoTech’s DiSC solution can organize and automate business processes—primarily sales activity, but also for marketing, customer service, and support. The components are then synchronized.
    Since communication is the key to build a business, with the CRM module our objective is to manage your leads and existing customers effectively. Timely tracking the opportunities is instrumental to win the prospects and extend business.
    DiSC Cloud-based CRM supports customer management and provides actionable insights.

    Benefits of CRM:

    • Vital Customer Information: A better knowledge of your customer, with key information at your fingertip giving the team a competitive edge.
    • Customer Segmentation: Helps you understand better customer segmentation and create focused lists allowing you to run  customer-specific marketing.
    • Customer Retention: Offers you a handful of ‘customer retention’ benefits, includes prompt notifications to reach out to those customers who have not been contacted lately.
    • Lead Management: Each campaign provides feedback about the engagement characteristics of your prospects.  CRM solution integrates with e-marketing to give you that insight.
    • Automation: Automation in marketing, salesforce, and geolocation technology enhance marketing efforts, track customer interaction and create area specific marketing campaign for your company.
    • Reports: It gives you relevant reports about your leads and customers to track them well and grow your business by planning necessary actions based on those reports.

    How Deven CRM can help you in Business growth?

    An effectively implemented HRMS leads to an environment conducive to higher productivity.

    Deven InfoTech with its expertise of more than 50 plus combined years has implemented an automated solution for the repetitive and time-consuming tasks related to Human Resource Management (HRM). The DiSC’s HRMS not only frees up the companies valuable employees but also allows them to focus on their working techniques and generates higher productivity. An ideal company’s Human Resources Development (HRD) usually involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. With the help of DiSC HRMS systems, these departments can be rearranged systematically, helping all level employees undertake their tasks more efficiently. If you are looking for a fast and easy HRMS then you are in the right place. We will understand your requirements and develop for you an HRMS system that is the best and for your company.

    Benefits of HRMS:

    • Reporting Power – You have a way to organize all the HRM data that your organization creates with comprehensive reporting.
    • Effective Performance Management – Reduce the amount of time you must spend on the administrative aspects enabling you to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and goals.
    • Payroll – You can manage payroll through your own HRMS software and all the data can be stored on the safe cloud.
    • Attendance Management – This offers a special function where you can manage your employee’s attendance.
    • Remote Employee Management – The need of the hour in the current scenario, and can never be implemented using a traditional paper-based ERM This is where an automated platform comes to the rescue of the company.

    How DiSC HRMS Tool can increase your Business?


    The Daily Workforce Management (DWM) solution from DiSC provides an easier approach to manage departments, functions, and processes. This ensures the timely completion of tasks, reduces delays by creating automated reminders, and brings transparency and speed in the communication of tasks for management.

    It’s been a long debate on how organizations measure their employee’s performance and follow-up responses by the workforce.

    One of the factors your organization’s success depends on is the relationship between management and employee. It’s been a long debate on how organizations measure their employee’s performance and follow-up responses by the workforce. DiSC based Daily Workforce Management (DWM) suit is a perfect tool to increase the operational efficiency of your workforce. Through our system, you can assign, track, verify tasks given to them and ultimately analyze their productivity based on measurable and real data. This suit covers how you can identify the right people for the right job and their timely performance. We have already delivered multiple successful implementations of this across industries.

    Benefits of DWM:

    • Task Category Master: You can define various task categories for regular employees and contracted/casual workers for analysis purposes.
    • Task Definition: Define various standard and non-standard tasks for regular employees and contracted/casual workers for your analytical purpose.
    • Task Assignment: Assign tasks for daily/weekly/monthly work schedule. An employee can assign tasks to himself or his/her manager can assign tasks to them.
    • Task Tracking: You can generate regular updates from employees about the task’s completion status for their assigned task.
    • Task Tracking Report: Generate all necessary reports such as department-wise and manager-wise task assignment/completion reports. Also, get updated by department-wise & manager-wise task non-compliance report.

    How Deven DWM Tool can increase your Business?


    Total Productive Management module of DiSC improves equipment effectiveness, eliminates waste associated with production, and achieves harmony between various processes of production. TPM is a lean manufacturing philosophy that centers on achieving near-perfect production.

    TPM also requires that each company develop and establish its own original management system.

    Deven TPM tool is designed to help you identify the reasons for stoppages with proper data points so management can take appropriate actions to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE). Its purpose is to maximize the efficiency of the production system in an overall manner. TPM implementation is not a goal, it’s a philosophy to be adopted by industry and our tool helps in adapting that philosophy by managing required data and bring into a meaningful format in the form of various reports.

    Benefits of TPM:

    • Defining 8 Pillars – This helps in properly defining pillars and also get required data entry through various formats
    • Production and Losses data management – through various forms system allows to enter relevant data and captures the production and loss types data.
    • Reporting – Various reports can be taken based on this data.
    • Dashboard – This gives high-priority data points on one screen for respective stakeholders. Dashboards can be build customized for respective users.
    • Efficient Alert System – All necessary alerts automatically sent by email or SMS.
    • Smart Evaluation – Transparent accounting of all transactions of the TPM software allowing ease of analysis and evaluation.
    • Customizable Permissions – System menu and data access can be controlled and restricted by configuring who should have what kind of access without programmer intervention.

    How Deven DWM Tool can increase your Business?


    Have you found yourself taking up too much time sending out invoices, keeping track of payments, and dealing with overdue balances? There is a relatively inexpensive solution available that can improve your cash flow and your workflow.

    Invoice Processing enables companies to set up a seamless process of automatically generating invoices at a specified date and time.

    Benefits of Invoice Processing :

    • Significant Task Load Saving –Decrease in the long-drawn and cumbersome manual tasks of manual invoicing will increase the productivity of the accounting staff.
    • Error Free Payments – Processing errors contribute to hidden expenses to the organization. You get better control on such lapses reducing the previous level of oversight.
    • Flagging – Exceptions and unusual transactions get flagged to be reviewed by you.
    • Reporting Dashboard – You get an exhaustive live and real-time big picture at a glance.
    • Greater Accuracy – The process of reporting, budgeting and auditing far more efficient and accurate.
    • Electronic Validation – This eliminates duplication of invoices, goods received and purchase order data.
    • Simplified Spend Analytics –You get spend visibility in a comprehensive manner and effectively improve planning and budgeting.

    How Deven Invoice Processing Tool can increase your Business?


    Since compliance management is the duty of the community, one cannot reliably build or maintain trust without complying with applicable rules and regulations.

    Compliance Management System (CMS) is a best practice program designed to keep you on the right side of regulations and policies.

    Deven’s Compliance Management System (CMS) is designed to simplify and strengthen compliance with industry and security standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies. This solution from DiSC monitors and assesses company systems to ensure compliance. It is an integrated system comprised of written documents, functions, processes, controls and tools that help your organization comply with legal requirements with the objective of minimising the risk of any violations.

    Benefits of Compliance Management System

    • Reduced Legal Problems – One of the benefits of CMS software is, once implemented, lapses in legal, financial, environmental, institutional, corporate, social, and government policies and frameworks will be reduced to a significant level.
    • Company Reputation – If your business perpetuates a culture of compliance, both your customer ad community will be appreciative of the fact resulting in better brand and company reputation.
    • Qualitative Analytics – An effective CMS offers a way to visualize and present trends and resolutions of your company’s compliance standard.
    • Improved Operation and Safety – CMS provides a timely evaluation in the form of internal and external audits and points out irregularities for your to take action to that end.
    • Expedite being Compliant – In case of lapses, the software flags it leading to proactive redressal.
    • Document Controlling – Better document controlling, which entails the steadfast management of business records. Document controlling is a major requirement of ISO 9001, companies look for this feature to help them manage documents and records.
    • Compliance Reporting – The company gets reports of compliance standards, customizable and filtered, to be acted upon by the management.

    How Deven Compliance Management System Tool can increase your Business?


    An inventory management system is the combination of technology, processes, and procedures that helps manage the monitoring and maintenance of inventory.

    While the general belief is that Inventory Management Systems (IWS) is primarily for retail purposes, it is and can be widely used in a variety of industries; like manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, real estate and infra, machine tool and equipment manufacturing, automobiles and more.

    DiSC’s Inventory Management System (IMS) maintains an integrated data of inventory at different locations and compiles it all at one dashboard for stakeholders which helps in providing a complete picture about inventory. It also includes the activities of forecasting and product replenishment for the organization. The module is a piece of single-source information for item location, vendor and supplier information, specifications, and the total number of a particular item currently in stock. It ensures there is the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time.

    Benefits of Stock and Inventory Management

    • Accuracy of Inventory Order – It helps you ascertain exactly how much inventory you have on hand.
    • Organized warehouse – Choose to optimize your company warehouses by putting the products together in a categorized layout and make them easily accessible.
    • Enhanced Operations–The software provides you with analytics and reports enabling you to make intelligent decisions
    • Cost Saving – With the implementation of the software you can avoid deadstock and overstock situations.
    • Happier Customer – Working inventory management delivers your product and service in a manner to meet the customer’s requirement. It leads you to company reputation and positive brand image.
    • Prevent Loss– The loss from theft, spoilage and returns is prevented as each item is accounted for in the inventory management system.

    How Deven Stock and Inventory Management Tool can increase your Business?


    IT Administration is responsible for the configuration, maintenance, and defect-free operation of computer systems, servers, and data security systems. In a technology-based business environment, the need for IT Administration is one of the foremost utility.

    Ensuring the efficiency and security of IT in your organization is directly associated with productivity and output.

    In this module DiSC ensures un-interrupted flow of business opportunities and transactions for the organization. This is achieved by a continuous automated cycle of system performance monitoring and fast troubleshooting. This module from Deven also takes care of upgradation of the IT system with new releases and models.

    Benefits of IT Administration:

    • Segregation of Defects – It conducts network troubleshooting to segregate and identify general network problems.
    • Administrator – The system operates as an administrator of the company database, network, web server, and security. The integrated service makes it a one-point solution to your IT System.
    • Technology Solutions – The module maintains the server, upgrade, secure and carry out system backups.
    • Performance Tuning – The module maintains system improvement all the while keeping up with the increased load.
    • Disaster Recovery – when implemented the system has an automated recovery in case of disaster.
    • Intrusion Detection – The system administrator tool contains a device or program which continually monitors the system or network for malicious activity or policy violation.

    How Deven IT Administration Tool can increase your Business?


    A Quality Management System (QMS), is a set of internal rules that are defined by a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures, and records. The QMS needs to be product or service-specific, so it is mandatory to customize it as per the company’s needs.

    A QMS that includes the necessary processes to meet your company’s goal will help you to provide consistent results to your customers

    DiSC Quality Management System ensures procedures and responsibilities to achieve quality policies and objectives. This module implements a continual improvement cycle assuring the quality commitment of the organization in a cost-efficient manner.

    Benefits of QMS:

    • Achieving Project Success – The tool helps an organization to attain objectives defined in your company’s strategy and to integrate all project activities and towards the achievement of quality products or services.
    • Continuous Improvement – The tool offers to manage the core principles of quality assurance.
    • Operational Consistency – The software provides venues to standardize processes which add consistency in output and promote flexibility.
    • Increase in Production – This is achieved by the application of proper techniques and optimum human recourse. This results in a reduction in the amount of rework.
    • Process Integration – An integrated system of QMS provides an overview to find improvements in efficiency and expenditure. A better process flow can be utilized towards fewer errors.
    • Implementation of Best Practices– Automated implementation of best practices and maintaining consistency is a feature of QMS.
    • Improvement of Company credibility – Set an internationally recognized standard, which lends to the credibility and reputation of the company.

    How Deven QMS can increase your Business?


    Production Planning plays an important role in any successful business, it gives the company a definite competitive edge. It gives you the knowledge and essential information about your business. It gives you full control over the entire manufacturing process.

    Production planning is aimed to optimize the manufacturing process, and today applied in various forms to design, produce, and deliver products.

    Production Planning allocates material resources, workforce, and facility to achieve the manufacturing targets of the organization. The solution from DiSC simplifies this complex process of production, scheduling, execution, and on-time delivery by its cloud-based solution.

    Benefits of Production Planning

    • Estimate Product Demand – The module combines analysis of production trends with potential relevant trends in the market.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation – This feature aids to compare the actual output to your company with what is led in the planning strategy Evaluation of further execution plans can be developed from the data.
    • Higher Quality Control – The production control tool helps the company to identify defective products or services before they reach the custom. The company can locate the system errors, triggering the implementation of corrective initiatives.
    • Bottleneck Elimination–The tool highlights the incomplete work and does not get it to accumulate. This effectively ensures an even flow of work.
    • Utilization of Resources – Optimum utilization of the company resources like employees waiting for materials and full-scale use of equipment.
    • Lower Operating Costs – This feature of the module helps the managers to determine the costs associated with wasteful, inefficient. Removal of wastage can improve the bottom-line profit of the company.
    • Better Coordination – The production planning tool coordinates various activities involved in the production process.
    • Enhanced Output – Good quality products, higher rate of production, and lower cost per unit is a result of the production planning function. DiSC solution covers this component to deliver an enhanced and quality output for your company.

    How Deven Production Planning can increase your Business?


    Logistics management is a management component used to meet market demand through planning, control, and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods, and services from origin to destination.

    Poor logistics planning gradually increases expenses. Organizations should implement the best cloud-based logistic management software to resolve the issues of incompetent delivery methods and failed or delayed delivery.

    Logistics Management solutions by DiSC provides planned procurement, packaging, storage, and shipment of raw materials, inventory, and deliverables. Applicable for factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and freight movement, our solution is designed to streamline supply chain management.

    Benefits of Logistics Management

    • Simplified Operations–The software helps businesses to manage the multifarious process from the delivery of raw materials to shipment of the finished products.
    • Functionality – With its functionality and scope to deal with a wider array of operations and processes the software contains a set of tools to deal with transactions, processes, and supplies.
    • No Conventional Approach – Get rid of paperwork and spreadsheets to simplify your company’s logistics arm. The suite covers warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and an integrated supply chain management.
    • Automated Functions – The module presents the boon of automation and contributes to the more efficient and timely delivery of products and services.
    • Reliability – A reliable model which offers security and convenience that your logistics managers can depend upon along with the benefits of the cloud-based tracking system.
    • Multi-client Support – The architecture of the DiSC module is so designed for a business catering to multiple clients. The software is adaptive to the specific feature that serves an individual client all the while maintaining a robust logistics management policy of your company.
    • Customizable Interface – The suite contains a customizable interface that allows for effortless navigation across its chief functions and accommodates the unique infrastructure and logistics implemented by your business.

    How Deven Logistic Management can increase your Business?


    Purchase Management is a very important department of materials management in any organization. A Purchase Management software is a package with the necessary features needed by any business, which has to buy raw material for manufacturing or finished good purchases for trading.

    Nowadays, the increase in competition and market demand, and scarcity of resources have forced organizations to reexamine their purchasing activities. The purchasing department functions have expanded considerably leading to a complicated procurement process.

    DiSC Purchase Management solution deals with overall procedure of acquiring goods and services and ensures stock keeping at its lowest possible to operate a business. Since Purchase Management affect the product cost, our solution eliminates the stock-out situation and keep the expense low.

    Benefits of Purchase Management

    • Real-time Information – DiSC software offers you easy access to information related to purchase and procurement. You can compare purchase quotes and see price breaks by a customizable dashboard.
    • Report Generation – The reports from DiSC are fully filterable for you to have an in-depth knowledge of the purchasing process.
    • Greater Flexibility – SaaS-based PO platforms has the capacity to scale up your company’s response to meet the growing demands of your product or service.
    • Purchase Requisition – The software keeps track of all the purchase requests in readily and secured accessible formats.
    • Purchase Order – The software automatically issues POs from the approved purchase requests.
    • Analytics – Get actionable, data-backed insights from your purchasing data.
    • Integration – You can connect the purchased software on the cloud with other essential software systems.
    • No Threat to Security – With an array of security tools in place, your company’s confidential business data is safe with encryption and firewalls.

    How Deven Purchase Management can increase your Business?


    Machine Maintenance solution helps you effectively manage activities related to industrial machines by reducing the time and effort needed for planning and performing these activities. It is concerned with the mechanical resources to perform at a set standard level.

    Every machine will require maintenance even if it is best designed; hence the maintenance must be done at such a time when it may have the least disruptions.

    Machine Maintenance is the means by which mechanical assets in your facility are kept in working order. DiSC solution provides a notification-based interface involving preventive and predictive maintenance and replacement of nonfunctional parts.

    Benefits of Machine Maintainance

    • Maintenance Request –The software contains a simple maintenance request form that allows the employees to submit maintenance requests. This will ensure requests are not missed and expedite the time it takes to complete them.
    • Overview of Preventive Maintenance – You get an overview of all your facilities and locations to ensure that effective preventative care is scheduled and executed.
    • Prompts and Notifications – Preventative maintenance tools have automatic triggers, reminders, equipment information, and auto-assigned tasks.
    • Mobile Access – The solution offers full mobile compatibility. A smooth maintenance resolution is accessible to you at any time, from any location.
    • Comprehensive Data on Maintenance –The software stores repair and maintenance history, floor plan management data and warranty records, and meter readings.

    How Deven Machine Maintenance can increase your Business?


    Companies use customer service software to enable faster, more efficient customer support delivered by multiple customer service agents working on the same platform.

    Excellent customer support has always been an important factor in customer loyalty and retention. Backed by technology, the objective of having a Customer Service tool is to know your customer better and to give the customer a lasting impression to come back to you.

    Customer service is the interaction between the buyer of a product and the company that sells it. Customer Service Software is a set of tools used to collect, organize, respond to, and report on customer support requests. DiSC provides tools for good customer service including timely attention to issues raised by customers which is critical to business success, ensuring brand loyalty.

    Benefits of Customer Service

    • More Responsive Support – Dedicated software features give your team more time to spend helping customers and less fighting their tools.
    • Collect Customer Insights – Identify, collect, and organize all the helpful feedback, requests, and use them to improve your service.
    • Integrate Communication Channels Into One Software – The helpdesk software streamlines all the various channels the customer contacts you into one screen. This multi-channel approach can improve your response times and help you keep track of your customers.
    • Understand Your Business – The software module analysis tools can be used to understand your company and its performance in a better manner. It provides reports and graphs for a variety of criteria you may need.
    • High-Quality Service – Use the software tool to coordinate with agents and support the enormous customer base. The service quality may be boosted by integrating with other tools your company has deployed.

    How Deven Customer Care can increase your Business?


    Electronic Document Management or Cloud file storage is a method for storing data in the cloud that provides servers and applications access to data through shared file systems.

    Securely access your documents from any device, anywhere.

    E-Doc Store is a software system designed to organize and store your company’s documents. An innovation by DiSC, this module covers security, access control, centralized storage, and streamlined search and retrieval. The module can also integrate with the document repository from the Information Management System.

    Benefits of E-Doc Store

    • Efficient Storage – Storing documents electronically lets you maintain records while taking up less physical storage space. Start using the system to store incoming documents electronically.
    • Better Search – You can search your documents based on file type, file tag, name, function etc. Multiple tagging facility to make search very easy.
    • Access control – You can decide if user can view, download and edit the document from the control panel.
    • Improved Collaboration – The cloud platforms have the ability to improve collaboration both internally and externally through the use of web-based environments and workflows.
    • Reliable Backups –To have a strong backup solution in place is imperative. Centralizes all your documents and records and encourages the creation and management of these records in one location.
    • Document Security And Control–Organizational documents can be extremely sensitive and having adequate security and control are imperative. E- Doc cloud platform provides you with the best cybersecurity possible.

    How Deven E-Doc can increase your Business?


    Management Information System or MIS is the use of information technology, people, and business processes to record, store and process data to produce information for decision-making purposes.

    An effective management information system identifies and collects data on all the important metrics of the operations. Manufacturing supervisors are kept informed with product cost analysis, scheduling plans, and raw materials inventory.

    DiSC’s Management Information Report solution enables the collection, comparison, and analysis of data according to daily tasks and overall business processes. Reports related to sales, budget, production, trend, and so on – the solution may also be customized to serve various other specifics.

    Benefits of MIS

    • Efficient Operations– MIS platform improves operational flow by providing the required information at the right time.
    • Improved Decision Making–The tool provides accurate information faster, which is then used by managers for making crucial decisions.
    • Diverse Information – It caters to the diverse information needs of managers and the entire organization. Managers look at the data from several angles to learn about various aspects of the job on hand.
    • Better Communication – It creates a channel of uninterrupted flow of information in the organization leading to reduced information hazard.
    • Fast Data Processing– The platform processes data and retrieves information at a faster rate. This leads to improved client/customer service.
    • Data Accuracy – The module ensures the implementation of data validation and verification checks.

    How Deven MIS can increase your Business?


    New Product Development (NPD) process is about grabbing the market opportunity that revolves around customer needs, checking the idea’s feasibility, and delivering.

    To stay successful in the market, companies have to obtain new products by a carefully executed new product development process.

    NPD solution developed by DiSC has the capacity to serve your company from the stage of idea generation through product development to commercialization. Prediction and elimination of challenges and barriers during NPD are taken care of by DiSC solution.

    Benefits of NPD

    • Measure for Success – The software minimize risk and ensure the program delivers its planned benefits, set measurable goals and review progress.
    • Product development plan – You can plan all the activities of your new product development in this module and track them with actual details. It also has notification features at appropriate milestones to inform concerned stakeholders.
    • Red Flag feature – This helps in information of delays timely expediting the things when delays are happening. It saves duration losses ultimately resulting in better deliveries.
    • Centralization – Centralized information by the software improves collaboration, enables teams to work efficiently, and speeding up the development process.
    • Product reporting – The platform shares product development report to your stakeholders which helps in delivery excellence.

    How Deven NPD can increase your Business?


    Enquiry And Quotation Management allows for the processing of enquiries and quotations with ease, an important step towards gaining more conversions. It is an automated software that works on your front line so that every new enquiry is handled with the care it deserves.

    Enquires are logged, tracked, and managed, so that sales teams can take informed action.

    The DiSC module includes automating the process of handling enquiries and quotation call from clients and prospective businesses. This leads to faster conversion of open quotes while ensuring that each quotation is drawn up in accordance with predefined rules and a standard format.  The module also includes functionality for scheduled client follow up and reminder alerts.

    Benefits of Enquiry And Quotation Management

    • Never miss a lead – Enquiry management software collects the information you need and putting it into a usable format. Each lead information stored in an easy-to-access place.
    • Lead Distribution – The platform pairs leads with the salesperson that is in the best position to convert the lead.
    • Better Customer Service – It gives you access to valuable information pertaining to your customers. This helps you to determine what type of communication you must use to contact them.
    • Quotation Report – The software generates compiled reports on the Quotations sent and their individual status
    • Integration with CRM – A good quotation system comes from its integration capabilities with CRM, accounting software, and other project management tools.

    How Deven EQM can increase your Business?


    Management Dashboard is organized in a way that you can clearly view as much information as possible. It is a chart that summarizes the most important information a manager and team needs to know.

    Managers need to be aware of what is happening in the business while maintaining day-to-day operational control.

    A tool developed by DiSC to present an interactive and customized visualization showing key performance indicators (KPIs). It presents the most important information a manager and team needs to know in order to make decisions. You get real-time updates and it empowers everyone to make data-driven decisions.

    Benefits of Management Dashboard

    • Manage The Complexity – The module simplifies the issue of competing priorities. A dashboard can help you understand what is important for the organization as a whole.
    • Consolidate of Information – This allows you to consolidate information from across your organization.
    • Access to Critical Information – The Dashboard contains all the critical information at an instant. This strategic information should be constantly accessible from your tablet, phone, or laptop.
    • Status of Key Projects – The dashboard is an index of the key projects a manager is associated with.
    • Customization – It enables you to access the data you want and views it in a way that makes sense to you.
    • Cloud-Based – A cloud-based dashboard can be easier to deploy and maintain, and it is accessible on multiple devices.
    • Data Blending – This process extracts information from multiple data sources and narrows it down to display only useful data.
    • Automated Features – Dashboard software should have automation features, like the ability to schedule reports and program notifications.

    How Deven Management Dashboard can increase your Business?

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