Do You Do Your Business Digitally?

As of today, (April 2017) are you educated + empowered + informed about how Indian consumers (and global too) consume countless products and needy services?

As of today, (April 2017) more than 50% of Indian consumers find their need of products & services on the Internet, they find how product look, they find the packaging of the product, they find what are the features of the product, what are the benefits of the product, what are plus points of the product, what is the price of the product, who are existing users of the product, what are their comments, etc. and then only they buy the product. The rule applies to services too.

This is the process adopted by many Indian consumers (global consumers too) when they make purchase decisions to buy any product or service.

This method and/or process is called as purchasing process.

Typically, when they follow the above-mentioned process, most of them (Indian consumers and global too) use (default) Google Search Engine to find the product or service.

What Google does is this.