IRIS Polymers Pvt. Ltd.


IRIS Polymers Private Ltd manufactures a wide range of Mulching films like UV Stabilized Green House Covering, Low Tunnel Films, Mulch Films, Lamination Film, Shrink Films, and others for Agriculture and Plant Protection Cover. 
Founded by Mr. Arun Awatade in 2014 and has a network of 1000 distributors across India. Iris is also reaching out to more and more farmers directly with the help of 200+ salesforce and selling their products at competitive rates.

Problem Statement

  • Unable to track salesperson walking in the field and doing sales calls.
  • Unable to get real-time reporting.
  • Unable to do prompt sales follow-up’s.
  • Being a sales person working as a work from home, unable to track the start and end of the work and what he has done throughout the day.
  • Unable to get marketing budget spent region wise and outcome of the campaign.
  • Unable to track sales done, orders received and incentives expense management.
  • And more challenges related to sales operations across India.

Deven InfoTech Approach

  • Iris polymers approached Deven InfoTech and started with Ideation, strategy & implementation of a specialized customized mobile and software solution.
  • Had multiple meetings with CXO’s and ground-level users.
  • Build up SRS & logics with code development.
  • Addressed pain areas of the customer and provided web and mobility solutions.


  • Smooth and productive operations.
  • Got real-time reporting.
  • Able to manage sales personals attendance, leaves, sales follow-up’s, orders, incentives, and sales marketing related reporting.
  • Streamlined all sales operations.
  • Achieved ROI within 6 months.
  • The marketing team can now focus his targeted audience and territory.