Do you know your consumer well? Are you connected with him/her?

Today every business owner (individual, group of people and small/medium/big/mega business organization), every entertainer, every government and every social organization are gearing up to get connected with their consumers (first), with their staff, with stake holders, with shareholders, with their service providers, with their part/product suppliers and so on. All of them are trying (exploring)


Despite the many inherent benefits of traditional websites, mobile apps and mobile websites are becoming very popular. This is because majority of the consumers now basically browse the Internet using their mobile phones or tablets. Convenience and accessibility. Generally speaking, there are specific scenarios where mobile will be your best choice: A. Interactivity For interactive

We Make Our Customers Literate!!! “A Small sentence…..Valuable Learning”

The Website Development Process At Deven InfoTech, web development is a holistic process. Our websites don’t only look ‘Great, they also perform ‘Awesome. From the start, we consider your content strategy, information architecture, Navigation and how to market your site to your audience. 1. Digital Audit For existing websites, we target our research on finding

Deven and IRIS Interactive Form Strategic Alliance for Managing Innovation and Speed to Market

Deven InfoTech believes, partnerships Add Value, Create Opportunities and complement the Strength of our offerings. No one can do everything. Our eco-system promotes the policy of  excellence through collaboration. We are happy to announce our strategic global partnership with the emerging brand in the IT- healthcare/ pharmaceutical domain – IrisInteractive. Iris Interactive is an Independent Software Vendor and

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